Our coaches do more than just shout 3, 2, 1 GO! They are there for you before, during and after the workout. Proper form and technique will be explained to you before and during every exercise. They will take the time to know your name, find out what your goals are, what you might find difficult and scale the WOD to ensure you train safely and within your ability.


Coaches will hold you accountable to your goals because let’s face it, we all need a gentle nudge now and then, so expect an email if they haven’t seen you in a while!


You can’t out-train a bad diet. That’s why our coaches are focused on helping you eat right. We encourage members to ask questions, seek their advice, read our coaches food blogs and utilise the 'members only area' of the website - it has a growing library of content dedicated to nutrition. Our coaches also oversee the food challenges we run here at CrossFit Norsemen.


Remember, all of these benefits are included in your unlimited membership.

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Joey jiritano

One of Perth’s top CrossFit Coaches, Joey is CrossFit Norsemen’s full-time Head Coach.


Joey is liked and respected by everyone, from elite athletes (who he competes against) to brand new CrossFitters. This is because Joey is genuinely respectful and approachable. He understands that we are all at different levels, different ages and have different health goals.


Joey's popularity as a coach comes from knowing how to push people just enough so the workout is enjoyable but the benefits are realised.


Likes: Good health, sport, fitness and music


Dislikes: Globo gyms, bad instruction and poor diets


Interesting fact: Not too bad on the old drum set :-)

Head Coach graphic female lifting a kettle bell infront of the CrossFit Norsemen logo

joey Jiritano

(head coach)


With a professional career in rugby league (including as a Development Officer for the London Broncos) , Richard brings with him a wealth of experience as a strength and conditioning coach.


As seasoned CrossFitter, Richard has completed at the Masters twice in the last five years and hopes to encourage others to do the same.


Coaching every other Saturday at CrossFit Norsemen, he is keen to develop the CrossFit Teams classes running challenging, yet fun workouts for teams of pairs, three's and more.


Likes:  Helping people achieve there goals. BBQ's and Karaoke (can't sing thou)


Dislikes: Bad attitudes and politics


Believes: Anything is possible if you work for it and have the right people around

Head Coach graphic female lifting a kettle bell infront of the CrossFit Norsemen logo



mark gannaway

Personable, approachable, engaged… just a few words that describe Mark.


With a long history in law enforcement and military, Mark has been training to the CrossFit methodology for a long time. He gained his CrossFit trainer qualifications back in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since.


Mark really understands that CrossFit’s scalable intensity and commitment to functional movement makes it the perfect program for everyone, regardless of age, sex, or fitness level at the start.


Likes: Pinacalada, getting caught in the rain, making love at midnight


Dislikes: Yoga, French Champagne


Age: 37


Interesting fact: Ask him... he might tell you?

Mark Gannaway with arms folded in front of the CrossFit Norsemen logo

mark gannaway

(coach & owner)

become a member

CrossFit really does work, whether it’s weight loss, toning or getting super fit for games, the coaches at CrossFit Norsemen will get you there. The first 100 members will be ‘grandfathered’! This means no fee rises for life, you’ll receive a free t-shirt or singlet from the CrossFit Norsemen apparel range as well as a free CrossFit Norsemen aluminium water bottle.

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